CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO READ EACH DOG'S PEDIGREE.  In almost all cases, it can be assumed that titled dogs (printed in red on the pedigrees) have had OFA or PENN hip certification.  Typed under the name of untitled dogs will be the hip rating if it could be found and if it could fit into the box.

Bazinga Formaro was born 7/15/2021 at Family Loved Labs in Minnesota.  He is PRA and EIC clear. He will be certified for hips in July 2023.

Max Baer Formaro
Max Baer Formaro was born August 25, 2017 at Family Loved Labs {an English Labrador kennel} in Minnesota.  He is EIC and PRA clear.  OFA Good.

Shamrock Acres Bones Formaro was born December 5, 2013 at Shamrock Acres Kennels in Wisconsin.  OFA is good.  He is an EIC carrier and PRA clear. He is semi retired. He may possibly still produce another litter this year 2023.

Gibbs now lives in Rapid City, SD
Shamrock Acres Gibbs Formaro was retired August 2017 and is now living in Rapid City, South Dakota with my cousins.  Smile

Shamrock Acres Madsen Formaro, 9/04/2006 - 4/12/2023

Sunsetrdge Murphy Formaro, born December 2, 2005, passed away on September 26, 2014.  He owned our hearts. 

Shamrock Acres Stunner Formaro passed away March of 2008